Broadcast on: 14 April, 2020

This week, we'd like to shout out Swiss soul singer Nicole Bernegger, who is streaming a live concert on Wednesday, 15th April, at 20:15 on website "Bajour - Gärn gschee Kultur".

Broadcast on: 7 April, 2020

Our Family & Kids correspondent Laure Audidière shared with us her music introduction class with her toddler during corona lockdown. Maybe you like jazz and dislike rock, or vice versa? But how do you know which is which?

Broadcast on: 31 March, 2020

Our Family & Kids correspondent Laure Audidière gave us some tips on what to do with your toddler during corona lockdown. You have probably already spent countless hours being creative, doing sports, being a teacher and trying to work from home. But what else is there? Laure has some ideas on how to let the kids be the grown-ups and the grown-ups be the kids. And there's singing by an adorable two-year-old as well!

Broadcast on: 24 March, 2020

This is not your usual English Show. This week, we want to give you as much information as possible on the current situation so that you know what's going on in Switzerland and can keep up to date.








News and Information

Broadcast on: 10 March, 2020

Not a lot of guests tonight as most of the events they'd been scheduled to discuss have been postponed, or sadly, cancelled.  Neverthless, in the tradition of turning your Tuesday nights into Friday nights, we bring you news, events and lots of great music!  Thanks for tuning in...stay healthy!

Click on the photo to go to Basel Stadt Corona Virus Resource Page.


Broadcast on: 25 February, 2020

Tonight, our very own "Queen of Green" Carrie Aikman introduces ways to 'go eco' with furniture. She covers buying second-hand and vintage; local sustainable furniture makers; and even how to get hands-on in a refinishing project.

Broadcast on: 18 February, 2020

Democrats Abroad was in the studio this evening to discuss the upcoming Global Presidental Primary. "In Person" voting starts super Tuesday March 3rd, and ends on March 10th but you can download your ballots starting today.  Democrats Abroad is the overseas committee of the United States Democratic party.

Broadcast on: 11 February, 2020

We kicked around the archives this week to find some of our old ski reports from our esteemed colleague: Nic Oatridge.  If you've been a long time fan you will recall that Nic publishes information about winter sports in Switzerland on his website.  Luckily, his reports from a few years ago are as relevant today as they were when recorded.

Broadcast on: 4 February, 2020

The Expat Expo is back on its NEW date this upcoming weekend.  The Expat Expo is celebrating its 15th year in Switzerland.  Originally, the expo used to be in late spring, but moved last year to early February to much success.

Broadcast on: 28 January, 2020

Nina Bradlin, a Basel-based chanteuse, was back in the studio with us to promote her new album "Home Again" as well as the album launch concert, which is at Parterre One.