30 August, 2016

You've been thinking about what to do with that expensive blender since it's blown a fuse...? Before you go out and buy a new one, consider a visit to our friends at Rep-Statt, conveniently located in the Markthalle near SBB.

23 August, 2016

The idea is as mad as it is brilliant: Forced Entertainment brings you the Complete Works of Shakespeare - all 36 plays. No one is able to enact works quite like the experimental theatre company from Sheffield, creating maximum theatre impact on a minimum setting.

16 August, 2016

In this month's Wine Show, Simon Hardy of fittingwines.com turns his attention to a style of wine that is often overlooked and under-appreciated by many wine drinkers, namely sweet wines, and in particular the sweet wines of Canton Valais. Even if you don’t drink this style of wine yourself, you may be surprised and intrigued by what you hear.

9 August, 2016

UK musician Frank Turner and his band The Sleeping Souls are known for their blistering, high-energy concerts - and for touring relentlessly.

12 July, 2016

Dr Michelle Wright is joined by sleep specialist Dr Susan Higgins who works in a dedicated sleep clinic in Annecy, France.

5 July, 2016

Our newest correspondent, Miles Prinzen, joined us in the studio today.  Miles' debut couldn't have come at a better time as The English Show team starts its summer holiday schedule.  In addition to contributing to our regularly scheduled broadcasts, Miles will also be helping behind the scenes with some exciting Web and Social Media projects we''ll be sharing with you soon....




28 June, 2016

Basel Free Walking Tours joined us today in the studio.  Katja, Stephanie, Nina started the Basel branch of "Free Walk Switzerland" in February 2015.  Since then, they've led over 800 tours in our beloved city.

21 June, 2016

A very special show this week dedicated to the hardworking school-age children that finish this school year in the coming weeks!  Henry has been in Basel for two years and like many expats will be heading home when he finishes school this year.  He came in to share his experiences and discuss what he's looking forward to this summer and back home in Canada.

14 June, 2016

Our food guru Sue Style came into the studio today to talk strawberries! Strawberries are vitamin C bombs, containing twice as much as citrus fruits. Most fragrant are the Gariguette variety - originally from Provence, small, pointed, paler than most, usually more expensive, but worth it for

7 June, 2016

Our first guest this week was Ed McGaugh, the organiser and manager of the Expat Expo. He told us about the history of the Expo - celebrating 10 years! - and what to expect next Sunday, 12th June, at the Congress Center in Basel.