21 June, 2016

A very special show this week dedicated to the hardworking school-age children that finish this school year in the coming weeks!  Henry has been in Basel for two years and like many expats will be heading home when he finishes school this year.  He came in to share his experiences and discuss what he's looking forward to this summer and back home in Canada.

14 June, 2016

Our food guru Sue Style came into the studio today to talk strawberries! Strawberries are vitamin C bombs, containing twice as much as citrus fruits. Most fragrant are the Gariguette variety - originally from Provence, small, pointed, paler than most, usually more expensive, but worth it for

7 June, 2016

Our first guest this week was Ed McGaugh, the organiser and manager of the Expat Expo. He told us about the history of the Expo - celebrating 10 years! - and what to expect next Sunday, 12th June, at the Congress Center in Basel.

31 May, 2016

Two theatre experiences not to be missed this week!

24 May, 2016

For the latest installment of Gaynor's Lifestyle Chat, she interviewed the famous fashion designer, stylist, 50+ male model, award-winning Gerold Brenner.

17 May, 2016

Did you know that Basel hosts an American Football team? They have been thrilling fans since 1989... back then they were the Raurica Gladiators, but now they're the Basel Gladiators.

10 May, 2016

Jessica Jarrett Cadé came in to tell us about the Carry the Future charity, which provides free baby carriers to refugee families to make their trip safer and easier. Carry the Future started in California in 2015 and now has volunteers around the world, including the Basel region.

3 May, 2016

Our Arts Correspondent Kevin Richmond came in to talk dance!

26 April, 2016

Gaynor’s April Lifestyle Chat focused on spirituality. Devina Solanki, a Basel based deep-spiritual person, explained her perceptions and beliefs. Devina gives the low-down on fighting your fears, spiritual places we should know and learning to listen to yourself. Learn about the secret powers of Hawaii...it's not just the Mai Tais.

19 April, 2016

Ruben Cabezon and Hirginia Vallejo came to Basel six years ago to pursue their studies and stayed. In 2013, as a way to meet new people, socialize and have fun, they founded Basel Games Day to exploit their interest in board games and gaming.