The Gadget Guru - Ian Ellery - iPhones and Microsoft AI Tools; Back To School Music

Broadcast on: 
26 September, 2023

The "Gadget Guru", Ian Ellery was on The English Show tonight.  In addition to updating us about the release of the new iPhone 15 and developments in the case of the EU vs. Apple, the Gadget Guru shared updates about the new Microsoft CoPilot.  The new AI powered tool will mine your computer usage data to make itself more useful in your computer interactions.  It is only available at the moment to personal (not corporate) users of Windows 11, and those without Windows 11 can use a version of it via the Bing browser.  And finally, Ian reminded us that new episodes of Dr. Who will be released by the BBC in November of this year!  Listen to the interview again HERE.




"Back To School" emerges as a thematic thread in modern music, reflecting the universal experience of education. Artists like Khalid and Lizzo infuse their tracks with the nostalgia, excitement, and challenges of returning to the classroom. These songs often feature upbeat rhythms, relatable lyrics, and catchy hooks that resonate with both students and anyone reminiscing about those formative years, making them a soundtrack for new beginnings and cherished memories. The English Show chose the following tracks for "Back To School" - tonight's musical theme:


Alice Cooper - "School's Out"

Ramones - "Rock N Roll High School"

School Of Rock - "School Of Rock"

Amy Winehouse - "October Song"

The Zombies - "Time Of The Season"

Paul Simon - "Me And Julio Down By The School Yard"

The Jam - "Art School"

The Wombats - "School Uniforms"

Get Back Guinozzi - "Go Back To School"