Why We Like Scary Music & A Whole Lot More

Broadcast on: 
3 October, 2023

Our affinity for scary songs can be explained by the powerful emotional and psychological impact of music. The combination of eerie melodies, haunting lyrics, and scary sounds can evoke a wide range of emotions, including fear, excitement, and intrigue. This emotional rollercoaster can be captivating and deeply engaging.


Music has the ability to tap into our primal instincts. Certain dissonant chords and unsettling rhythms can trigger a sense of unease, mirroring the tension and suspense found in horror stories or films. This primal response can be both thrilling and cathartic.


Scary songs often tell stories or convey narratives that resonate with our human experiences, such as facing our fears or confronting the unknown. This storytelling aspect can draw us in, allowing us to relate to the themes on a personal level.


Our fascination with scary songs is rooted in the emotional power of music, its ability to evoke primal instincts, and its capacity to tell compelling stories that connect with our own fears and experiences.


While you digest the horror of the treatise above, have a listen again to our playlist from tonight's show.  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


1.  999 - Little red riding hood (2:45)

2.  Burt Bacharach - The Blob (2:32)

3.  Destroy All Monsters - You're Gonna Die (2:47)

4.  Robert Gordon - Flying Saucers Rock'N'Roll (1:49)

5.  Scars - Fear Of The Dark (3:11)

6.  Siouxsie & The Banshees - Spellbound (3:14)

7.  The Cardigans - Iron Man (4:19)

8.  The Cramps - Goo Goo Muck (2:59)

9.  The Cramps - Human Fly (2:09)

10. Munsters Theme - The Escalators (1:24)

11. Ultravox - Saturday Night in the City of the Dead (2:31)