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Brad Paisley at the Baloise Session - 15 October 2019

Cowboy hats and cowboy boots - that's the first thing you noticed walking into the Baloise Session on October 15th, 2019. Switzerland's country music fans had gathered to see one of the genre's biggest stars, Brad Paisley.

Herbert Groenemeyer at the Baloise Session - 12 October 2019

You know someone's a star when they step onto a stage and command a whole room in two minutes flat. Not only that, but they have such a distinctive voice that you'd recognise it anywhere within seconds. One such star is German singer-songwriter Herbert Grönemeyer, who opened this year's Baloise Session.

Under The Volcano: Sunn O))) in Basel - 9 October 2019

A sure-fire sign that Basel's Kaserne continues to provide for its more experimental-leaning fans was its hosting of doom metal and drone band Sunn O))).

Kiefer Sutherland in Bern - 7 October 2019

After his memorable turn at the Stimmen-Festival in July 2019, Kiefer Sutherland returned to these shores on his globe-trotting "Reckless & Me" tour.

Basel's venues for art, theatre and more!

In addition to music and clubbing, we've also come up with a list of venues that feature art, theatre and more - all of them mentioned regularly in our Cultural Events calendar.

Basel's venues for music and clubbing!

New to Basel? Wondering where to go and what to do? The English Show has had the (not very) arduous task of scoping out Basel's cultural life - and we've come up with a list of venues which feature live music (from classical to jazz to pop/rock) and club sounds - they're mentioned regularly in our Cultural Events calendar. We've also added some venues further afield - in Zurich, for example.