Broadcast on: 21 May, 2024

One of our German phrases this week was the uplifting «Leben heisst nicht, zu warten, bis der Sturm vorbeizieht, sondern lernen, im Regen zu tanzen.» It means «Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, but about learning to dance in the rain.»

Broadcast on: 14 May, 2024

The Basel Marionetten Theater (string puppet theatre) is over 80 years old. It is the city's oldest cellar theatre and the first theatre with regular productions for the whole family.

Broadcast on: 7 May, 2024

On this week's show, we covered Basel's vibrant cultural scene, highlighting events such as the madcap musical comedy «Pferd frisst Hut» at the Theater Basel – last performance is on May 11th – as well as the Baselstädtischer Schwingertag

Broadcast on: 30 April, 2024

Did you know that Switzerland has around 65'000 kilometres of hiking trails? That's about 1.5 times the circumference of the earth! A huge number of municipalities and volunteer organisations maintain the hiking trails and offer hikes in all the cantons.

Broadcast on: 23 April, 2024

Our friend and long-time contributor Ian Ellery, aka the Gadget Guru, joined us on the programme this evening to share his gadget-y insights. First up, Netflix, which recently announced record-breaking profits.

Broadcast on: 16 April, 2024

Remi Christen is the owner and managing director of Arbuckles Bagels. Arbuckles Bagels makes monthly specials to celebrate the seasons, with ingredients sourced from Basel markets and showcasing the best of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Broadcast on: 2 April, 2024

Lausanne-basel band What Aleph Said is a four-piece that combines post-rock, progressive rock, and stoner influences. «Aleph» – eternity – is a central notion to the band’s imagery. What Aleph Said aims to create instrumental music that is introspective, cathartic and atmospheric.

Broadcast on: 26 March, 2024

You may have seen brightly colored ads around saying what many of us are thinking: "I Love the Arts." This is a new event series for English speakers. It's a joint venture between four local cultural institutions: Theater Basel, the Kunstmuseum, the Symphony Orchestra Basel, and Fondation Beyeler.

Broadcast on: 19 March, 2024

In the same way that Bärlauch (wild garlic) portends spring and an upcoming season of bounty and harvests, our musical theme was the first songs on debut albums, all of which announced the subsequent opus of music from their respective bands.