Broadcast on: 19 June, 2018

Now through September of 2018, the Chairish Photography Exhibition is being held at a local vintage and second-hand funiture shop, ecochair, which is located at Breisacherstrasse 66 in Kleinbasel.  Shop founder, Kate Bottriell, teamed up with international phographer Howard Brundrett, who turned his focus on the chair.  Chairish tells the stories of a series of people with

Broadcast on: 5 June, 2018

We’re continuing our interior design series, with lots of tips and tricks on how to create your own sanctuary - your dream home away from home.

Broadcast on: 29 May, 2018

The Semi-Circle is a non-profit theatre group based in Basel. Founded in 1975, the group operates entirely with volunteers.

Broadcast on: 22 May, 2018

Since its founding in 1959, the Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) has been a phenomenon, not

Broadcast on: 15 May, 2018

Les Arts Scéniques is all about theater. The company produces plays in both German and English and offers a training programme in acting and workshop. Parallel to their professional ensemble they run Les Arts Scéniques Junior, a children’s acting company. The first production of Les Arts Scéniques Junior is coming up in May 2018.

Broadcast on: 8 May, 2018

Jake Dixon talked to Steffen Semmet about Swiss Wrestling Entertainment and its history. From small beginnings, Swiss Wrestling Entertainment has become more and more popular, with events organised throughout Switzerland.

Broadcast on: 1 May, 2018

At TEDxBasel 2018, you will be able to spend a day hearing about technology that pushes the frontiers of medicine; life stories of crossing multiple physical and cultural borders; enjoy engaging entertainers and be part of a multinational, multicultural audience.

Broadcast on: 24 April, 2018

This week's show was about cancer help and support. A cancer diagnosis is a devastating thing. And it can be even more devastating if you are living abroad when you are diagnosed, unfamiliar with the local health system, and unable to speak the language. Keep in mind that the show was not about medical advice, nor were we able to offer exhaustive information about cancer help and support. We just touched on a few aspects to get you started.

Broadcast on: 17 April, 2018

The Braswell Arts Center is a space for creativity, collaboration and innovation in all art forms. Braswell Arts Center moved into its new space August of last year, after a successful crowdfunding campaign. Their social media videos have had over 130k views.

Broadcast on: 10 April, 2018

Centrepoint's John Baker told us about the Annual English Book Sale at Basel West Library this Friday and Saturday, 13th and 14th April.