20 March, 2018

Whether you're new to Basel or have been here for a while - there's always more to learn about the city. And you can do it for free, too! Free Walk is an organisation that offers free walking tours around various cities in Switzerland, including Basel.

13 March, 2018

Franz Ferdinand played a barnstorming set in Zurich on Sunday evening, leaving the audience beaming and sweaty as temperatures in the Halle 622 soared to new heights.

6 March, 2018

Our "Queen of Green" Carrie Aikman continues the “Month-to-month adopt a green habit challenge.” 2018 is the year for going Zero Waste! In January it was all about adopting some zero waste shopping skills.

27 February, 2018

Our topic this week is the No Billag Initiative, which will come to a vote on March 4th. Billag is the company that has up to now been collecting the licence fees for TV and radio stations around Switzerland. The initiative wants to get rid of licence fees altogether and instead regularly auction them off. We sat down with a representative of each side to ask them why they were against and for the initiative, respectively.

13 February, 2018

6 February, 2018

Lena Rowlands and Alice Stadnik interviewed writer and poet Padraig Rooney on this week's show. Padraig Rooney has spent forty years outside his native Ireland and lives in Basel, Switzerland.

30 January, 2018

Dancer and project leader Piergiorgio Regazzo and Basel School of Business's Dr.

23 January, 2018

Our "Queen of Green" Carrie Aikman came in to talk about living sustainably - and how to do it. Today, she told us about the first of a 12-step month-by-month 'adopt a green habit' challenge. She designated “zero-waste shopping” as this month's habit. How to approach this? Number one: Plan which day you’ll shop and put it in your calendar. Number two: Keep your grocery list handy!

16 January, 2018

Our guest tonight was singer and guitarist David Blum of Don't Kill The Beast. Originally a solo project, David turned Don't Kill The Beast into a four-man band in 2015, with drummer Matthias Gusset, guitarist Marco Naef and guitarist Matthias Renner.

9 January, 2018

Phoenix is one of the most successful bands to come out of France, together with contemporaries Daft Punk and Air. They broke through internationally with Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix in 2009, when songs like Lisztomania and 1901 put them on the map. Their latest album is Ti Amo, an Italy-flavoured gem of 80s retro pop that'll buoy your spirit.