Word Of The Year 2023, Culture Calendar, and Music

Broadcast on: 
5 December, 2023

It's that time of the year when the good people at the Oxford University Press announce the Oxford Word of the Year. A highly anticipated moment when English speakers will find relief in knowing that their favorite fad word or expression is officially enshrined and elevated in the lexicon of the most authoritative English language publisher in the world. 2023 will be remembered as the year when «rizz», originally a truncated, slang version of the word «charisma», became a word of its own. «Rizz», meaning «having the ability to attract a romantic or sexual partner» beat out «Swiftie», «de-influencing» and «situationship» for the top spot. The word was popularised in the gaming and social media communities, where it quickly went viral once it achieved meme status.


Cultural events in Basel this week include Santa Claus at the Zoo on December 6; the Basel English Panto Group's performances of «Sleeping Beauty» from December 7 to 10; the Ice Disco at KUBA Rheinfelden from December 8 through to February 2024; the Gay Beggars Drama Group's production of «Opening Night at the Abbey Theatre» from December 8 through 16; Santas on Motorbikes on December 9; One Million Stars on December 9; and Comedy Kiss - Open Mic Comedy on December 12. Listen to the show for more details!


We played a grab bag of great songs on this show:

Archive - Mr Daisy

Röyksopp - Like An Old Dog (feat. Pixx)

Avril Lavigne - Bad Reputation

Walk The Moon - Shut Up and Dance

Tinlicker - This Life (feat. Tom Smith)

Purple Disco Machine & Kungs - Substitution

Tar Pond - Blind