Deer Park Avenue; Peacewalk South Africa

Broadcast on: 
21 November, 2023

Deer Park Avenue is a rock band founded by Sarah and Stephanie Snyder. The two sisters – who have roots going back a long way in the canton of Glarus – were born in the USA and grew up in California, Basel and Long Island (where the name Deer Park Avenue comes from). They discovered music in church, where their father was a pastor, and found inspiration in legendary rock, French pop and Bollywood flash while living out of a suitcase, an exciting journey moving from country to country and state to state. The rock duo is now in Switzerland, ready to release their new EP «Dark and Stormy» and play a concert at the Parterre One in Basel on Thursday, 23 November. Listen to the interview here.



After spontaneously saying «yes» to her friend when asked to join a hike in Nepal, Teresa Urbanowska returned inspired to help continue the mission of Masterpeace (a network of NGOs, Social Enterprises and partner organisations). Teresa is recruiting people to join her in the upcoming «Peacewalk South Africa», which will take place in March of 2024. The 10-day trip is open to everyone who wants to have a unique, life-changing adventure, and no prior experience with hiking or fitness level is required. Previous participants have found themselves with a new perspective and awareness of their own and others' values and cultures. The proceeds from participants will benefit alternative education resources for black youth from South African townships. Email Teresa at southafricawalk [at] for more information. Listen to the interview here.



Our music theme was all about Deer Park Avenue and female rock bands. We played:

Deer Park Avenue - Cave

Deer Park Avenue - Strut

HAIM - Don't Wanna

Nova Twins - Choose Your Fighter

The Go-Go's - We Got The Beat

Hole - Celebrity Skin

The Runaways - Cherry Bomb

Dum Dum Girls - Bedroom Eyes