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Fasnacht Dictionary

Ever wondered what a Clique, Gugge, Schnitzelbangg or Larve is? Then check out our handy explanations below!


Cliques refer to the bigger groups which include drummers and fifers.


Cliquenkeller are the cellars of the various Cliques; that's where they practise during the year. At Fasnacht, these cellars are open and people can come and hang out and have a drink (in some cellars).


Basel's venues for art, theatre and more!

In addition to music and clubbing, we've also come up with a list of venues that feature art, theatre and more.

Basel's venues for music and clubbing!

New to Basel? Wondering where to go and what to do? The English Show has had the (not very) arduous task of scoping out Basel's cultural life – and we've come up with a list of venues which feature live music (from classical to jazz to pop/rock) and club sounds. We've also added some venues further afield – in Zurich, for example.