Boutique Theatre Basel with "The Last Five Years" - May 2019

Susan Brownfield and Gracie Hughes came in to tell us about the Boutique Theatre Basel. The theatre company has a new production coming up in June 2019 called "The Last Five Years".

"The Last Five Years" is a musical which explores a relationship between two people - Jamie Wellerstein and Cathy Hiatt. Jamie is an up-and-coming novelist and Cathy is a struggling actress. They say that life imitates art, and in the case of this work, we have art imitating life. The core of this musical comes directly from composer and lyricist Jason Robert Brown's first marriage to actress, Theresa O'Neill. The musical was set to debut in New York at Lincoln Center in 2002. However, O'Neill, now Brown's ex-wife, threatened a lawsuit against the theatre because the work too closely resembled Brown and O'Neill's relationship. As a result, the theatre was then unwilling to move forward with the production leading to an eventual Off-Broadway debut at New York's Minetta Theatre in March of 2002. 

Since its opening, "The Last Five Years" has enjoyed success with performances worldwide and even a film adaptation in 2015. The music is poignant and beautiful and the storytelling is superb. This is a show not to be missed - it'll be on in June 2019 at The Safe in the Unternehmen Mitte. For more details, go to the Boutique Theatre Basel website!