Betwixt & Between Theater Company - Miriam Cohn and Scott Holland - September 2020

Miriam Cohn and Scott Holland, founders of the Betwixt & Between Theater Company of Basel, joined us in the studio to tell us about their upcoming production of "Hänsel & Gretel. Lost and Found". In an updated retelling of the traditional version by the Brothers Grimm, the story is acted through the eyes of two adult siblings. The play is set in the present as the siblings find themselves reunited at a family event. As they discover a trunk filled with their childhood toys, they begin to act out the Hänsel and Gretel fairy tale taking the audience along for the ride into the imagined world. The play is performed bilingually, with characters alternating between English and German (and Swiss German). It is appropriate for both children and adults, with daytime shows during the month of November and evening shows in early December 2020 at the Arlecchino Theater in Basel. In addition to theater production, Miriam and Scott also offer workshops. For more information visit their website.