Eisblau Zitronengelb Purpur Colours Exhibition

Event Dates: 
19 August, 2017 - 17:00 - 8 October, 2017 - 20:00

We are surrounded by colour all the time. Firstly, colour is just the medium in which things appear to us on an everyday basis. Secondly, visual media and art have colour as its base.

Although colour is ubiquitous, we are rarely conscious of it. On the contrary, colour plays a similar role to film music in film: it conveys emotional content and creates the kind of atmosphere without which the world would appear «colourless» to us, sad and senseless.

Colour is, however, more than a medium and an emotional carrier - in the exhibition "Eisblau Zitronengelb Purpur" (ice blue - lemon yellow - crimson), the organisers want to address colour as an independent subject: colour is addressed in works of art, experiments and installations.

As a visitor to the exhibition and events, you can make your personal world a bit more colourful by the conscious perception of colours and their uses. The exhibition wants to make you aware of colour and light phenomena in the sky, for example. The aim is to be aware of and understand daily phenomena that we rarely pay attention to.

A PDF with the full programme is here.

When: 19 August - 8 October 2017

Where: Voltahalle, Voltastrasse 27, 4057 Basel