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FC Basel defeated Lugano

Kevin Bua brought the 23 thousand hometown fans to their feet after scoring an unassisted goal after 11 minutes of action.

Bua added a second goal 23 minutes later and gave Basel a 2-0 lead before halftime.

Ricky van Wolfswinkel put Lugano back into the match by inadvertently shooting the ball into Basel’s goal minutes into the second half.

Basel nearly increased the lead at the 65 minute mark when Fabian Frei’s shot hit the post..  Van Wolfswinkel also had a shot shortly thereafter with a header, however the ball missed the goal.

Lugano’s Jonathan Sabbatini scored on a penalty shot minutes later.

Van Wolfswinkel made up for his error earlîer in the match by putting Basel back in the lead with the winning goal at the 84 minute mark.

FC Basel walked away with the 3-2 victory.

FC Basel is currently in second place of the Super League Division.