Autokino Drive-In Cinema; CaminoMe Coaching - Sound Healing

Broadcast on: 
18 June, 2024

For a few weekends in July, Pratteln will turn into a 1950s-style American drive-in. The annual Autokino film series is back. Attendees can park their cars, order a burger from a server on roller skates, and enjoy a classic movie from the comfort of their driver's seat. This year's lineup of movies includes last year's mega-hit Barbie as well as Sister Act, Four Weddings and Funeral, and The Evil Dead. They're presented in English and in German, you just tune in your radio dial to a customised channel to hear in the language of your choice. The English Show spoke with Autokino organiser Giacun Caduff about this year's event, and the history of Autokino in Pratteln.

You can get tickets for the shows at the Autokino website (Caduff advises buying early – the screening of Blues Brothers is sure to sell out). And if you don't have a car, no worries. Walk-in tickets are available, but Caduff advises to bring a portable FM radio to tune in the movie's soundtrack. Listen to the interview here.



Mindset and empowerment coach Karin Mohler, founder of CaminoMe Coaching, joined us to talk about sound healing. Regular sound baths are a wonderful way to find deep relaxation and moments of letting go. They also help improve the quality of your sleep and facilitate clarity and focus in your daily life.



Join Karin on Sunday, 23 June from 10 am to 11:30 am at Steinenvorstadt 24 for the Sunday Sound Bath Summer series. Register via Whatsapp at 079 254 59 80. Cost is CHF 50; you can bring a friend to each get 20% off and make it your Sunday me-time go-to. The group meets every fortnight.


For more intense immersion, Karin and three other coaches are holding a retreat in Croatia in September. There, you will be working on personal goals using sound bowls and creative immersion. Text Karin with the word «CROATIA» for more information. Listen to the segment here.


Our music this week was all about recently released songs. We played:

Glass Animals - A Tear In Space

School of X - Bad Design

Annie Taylor - In Your Head

IAMTHELIVING (feat. Braxton Cook) - The Weekend

Hinds (feat. Beck) - Boom Boom Back

Julia Heart - Handful Of Stars

Electric Callboy and Babymetal - Ratatata