Iris Uderstädt & Mark Damon Harvey: Mindfulness - Permaculture - Diversity

Broadcast on: 
17 August, 2021

Joining us in the studio tonight were Iris Uderstädt and Mark Damon Harvey, who are collaborating on a new project "Mindfulness - Permaculture - Diversity" which proposes that the combination of these practices constitutes a much needed trifecta to ensured our continued existence on this planet. Perhaps you've already heard of Mindfullness, in which case, Iris and Mark's project seek to implement the concepts in a practical way as applied to Permaculture and Diversity.  The duo are offering hands-on workshops in German and English that:

expand awareness through mindfulness practice to facilitate interaction with, and value polycultures, be they plants, animals or humans (Permaculture Principle #10) • show how to integrate and not segregate the same polycultures: plants, animals and humans (Permaculture Principle #8 and Practical Allyship).   Participants can expect to learn about support structure using mindfulness to access and foster their own positive internal states and growth (zooming in) and through observation/introspection establish cooperative relationships with plants, animals and cultures (zooming out).  Join them via ZOOM on the 25th of August for a free (donations appreciated) Webinar where you can learn about the project and the upcoming live event in September in Zürich.   It was National Black Cat Appreciation Day somewhere in the world today, and to help celebrate, our musical theme was appropriately aligned.