Oregami.co - Reusable Packaging Service; Our Queen of Green's Last Show; Gadget Guru - Segway E-Bike

Broadcast on: 
25 May, 2021

Our "Queen of Green" Carrie Aikman talked to Oregami.co founder Frank Plessers about his startup's mission to get single-use plastic out of circulation. Delicious take-out from your favorite restaurant? Yes, please! Served in styrofoam with plastic on the side? Ick...kick it to the curb! Use Oregami's products instead. For more details, listen to the interview here.


It was Carrie's last show with us - for now! She'll be in the US for a while, but hopefully we will have her back in the studio at some point in the future. Until then, a massive thank you to our "Queen of Green" for five years of amazing information, for teaching us about sustainable living, and for being an absolute star!





On this month's show, Ian the Gadget Guru considers trading in one of his petrol cars for an electric e-bike. But this is no ordinary e-bike, this is a Segway moped-style e-bike. Listen to the segment here.






With Eurovision 2021 still ringing in our ears, our music theme was all about Eurovision songs of the last decades. We played:

Lordi - Hard Rock Hallelujah

Abba - Waterloo

Blind Channel - Dark Side

Hatari - Hatrid Mun Sigra

Netta - Toy

Loreen - Euphoria

Gjon's Tears - Tout l’Univers

Måneskin - Zitti E Buoni