Karin Mohler - The Summer Holidays; Sam Oliphant - Hairstyle Hysteria

Broadcast on: 
19 May, 2020

Sam Oliphant was in the studio to report on his latest article,"Hairstyle Hysteria".  Last time in the studio, Sam had reported on a survey he had organized exploring what people were looking forward to post-lockdown - "Survey Says-#1 Answer": Visit with the hairstylist.  Well, Sam is back again, with a report on what he found when the hairstylists did re-open. Key take-aways: Make an appointment! Prepare for enhanced hygiene, you and your stylist will be wearing PPE and masks.  The only thing exposed will be the hair getting treated.




Fear not weary friends, summer holidays are definitely NOT cancelled! Karin Mohler, of The English Show, assembled a comprehensive guide to holidays in Switzerland which any global traveler would envy.  We're lucky to live in a country blessed densely with things to do and see: hiking, biking, camping and quaint villages, mountains, rivers all waiting for you to explore.  Below are some resource links to help you get your holiday planning started (my personal hit list: Ballenberg (Lake Brienz), swimming in the river at Lavertezzo):

SAC mountain huts:


For an update to SAC huts whether you can stay overnight or make a reservation:


For hiking and biking maps: