Post-Pandemic Yearning, Sustainable Living - Earth Day, Culture Tips

Broadcast on: 
21 April, 2020

This week, we'd like to shout out Swiss musician Guy Mandon, who is streaming a live concert on Wednesday, 22nd April, at 20:15 on website "Bajour - Gärn gschee Kultur". You can make donations during the concert - all donations go straight to Kulturklinik, a Basel artists' website and online shop.






Sam Oliphant reported once again on life with Corona. In his report "Post-Pandemic Yearning", Sam conducted a social media based survey, asking people what they are most looking forward to as the pandemic response quarantine rules begin to be lifted. Read about the results of his survey and interesting anecdotes from life "on the inside".




Our "Queen of Green" Carrie Aikman joined us this evening to talk about Earth Day, and how the current pandemic also holds opportunities. Can we take the small silver lining of the cleaner air that the lockdown has unexpectedly provided, and turn it into a sustainable future? Click here for more details.




If you'd like to support local shops or restaurants, head over to Help Your Local. Click on your nearest city and you will be able to buy vouchers for goods or services from your local shops.

There's a gorgeous photography exhibit by Pablo Wünsch Blanco online at Basel's Bürgergemeinde. The exhibition - which would have been on display at the Basler Stadthaus - shows backstage and on stage pictures of the artists at the International Circus Festival YOUNG STAGE.

Fondation Beyeler has expanded its online activities. Apart from the museum's existing programmes such as the Artist Talks or its thematic media series on social media, the museum has developed new and specific formats for you and your family. Take #BeyelerCreate, for example: it brings art mediation straight to your living room (in German - but fear not, online translators are your friend!). You'll find ideas for sketching, arts and crafts, children's workshops, instructions, quizzes and games.

Here's something a bit different: sound engineer Susanne Affolter walked around Basel with her recording device - it's an auditory tour through our eerily silent city in these difficult times.

Check out our recent shows for loads of practical information and culture tips!

Our music theme was all about Basel labels A Tree In The Fields Records, Czar of Crickets Productions, Radicalis and Sixteentimes Music and their artists. We played:

None Of Them - More Than I Want

LOAD - Emerald Eyes

NyF - Fallout

Midnight Deadbeats - Dishwasher

The Night Is Still Young - She Wants Us to Leave

Anna Erhard - Thinking of an End

Mono Mojo - Portland

Heavy Harvest - Candy