Best Sights To See - Rhine and Rhine Swimming, Family & Kids - Changing Nappies in Town

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9 July, 2019

Basel tour guide Madeleine Wamister told us about one of the Best Sights To See in Basel: the river Rhine, which flows right through Basel, dividing the city into Grossbasel and Kleinbasel. The Rhine is around 1'230 km long, making it the second-longest river in Central and Western Europe, after the Danube. It provides recreation and inspiration and has moulded the history and architecture of the city. There's even a famous local song named after the river: "Z'Basel an mym Rhy". And of course you can take a dip in the river - Rhine swimming is a popular pastime on these hot summer days. This year's official Rhine Swim is on the 13th August. Listen to the segment here.


Laure Audidière is our Family & Kids contributor, giving you practical tips and tricks on what to do in Basel as a family. Today it's all about changing nappies (or diapers) when you're in town. Where can you go? Museums would be one option; or department stores like Pfauen, Globus and Manor. There are also a number of other locations you can use: certain shops or cafés, Basel-Stadt GGG Libraries like Im Schmiedenhof, the Family Centre on Freie Strasse 35, or the Union on Klybeckstrasse 95. For all the details, listen to Laure's segment here!



Our music theme today: all-female bands! We played:

HAIM - Little of Your Love

Amanda X - Nothing Wild (A Shards Session)

Ex Hex - Waterfall

Sharkmuffin - Foul Play

The Prettiots - Boys (I Dated In Highschool)

Girlpool - It Gets More Blue

Cayetana - Scott Get The Van I'm Moving

Chastity Belt - Time to Go Home

Goat Girl - Cracker Drool

The Coathangers - Watch Your Back