Halloween Storytelling, Mogwai

Broadcast on: 
24 October, 2017

It's scary story time with story-teller Shelly Varma this week! GGG Stadtbibliothek is hosting a Halloween Storytelling evening on Thursday, 26 October, from 7:30 pm, with adults and kids over 12 invited. Shelley Varma and GGG's Nicole Scoles came in to tell us about the event - and Shelley gave us a spooky storytelling taste of what to expect!




Over the past 21 years, Scottish post-rock band Mogwai has become one of the key figures of the alternative British music scene. From the very start, Stuart Braithwaite, Dominic Aitchison, Martin Bulloch, John Cummings and later also Barry Burns have always looked to the future. Their new album "Every Country's Sun" is out now, and they'll be playing at Kaserne Basel this Thursday. We talked to Stuart Braithwaite about the influence of visual arts, naming instrumental tracks, and the fact that bleak-sounding music is actually quite uplifting. Listen to the interview again here.



What with Mogwai in town, Basel band Krane releasing their new album, and the Bergmal Festival taking place this week, our choice of music theme was obvious: it had to be post-rock. We played:

kokomo - I'm Bill Murray

pg.lost - Vultures

Bark Psychosis - The Loom

Mogwai - Party in the Dark

Mogwai - Coolverine

sleepmakeswaves - Glacial

Leech - Turbolina

Krane - Strategic Level

Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Anthem for No State, Pt. I