Police Warn Bridge Jumpers; New Parking Rules Go Into Effect; Hospital Tower Plans Adjusted

News For 5 July 2022

The arrival of warm weather of course means a steady stream of swimmers in the Rhein.  Unfortunately, some daredevils also can not resist jumping from the Mittlere Brücke into the river below.  Besides being dangerous, the practice is banned and carries fines for those caught.  Basel Police are on a campaign to warn people that it's likely they've been photographed when jumping off the bridge and that people are not only endangering themselves, but others swimming below.


Starting August 1, new parking space rules go into effect.  Every fourth new parking space in Basel Stadt, in both public and private lots will be required to have electric charging equipment.  Furthermore, all new spaces will have to be equipped for electric retrofitting in the future.  The new parking ordinances go even further, requiring that for every 100 new private parking spaces created in a 500 meter radius, 95 public spaces must be removed.  The idea is that those needing to drive and park will be forced to pay for their use of parking space in the private market.


Basel's "health campus" project has been adjusted again.  Built on the city blocks adjacent to the current hospital, the 1.4 billion Swiss Franc project is scheduled to continue through 2038.  One of the buildings, "Klinikum 3", was always planned to be a tower.  But now the city has adjusted its plans to make it 73 meters tall, making it one of the tallest in the country.