Measles infections are rising in Switzerland; Switzerland's image got a boost from Ukraine peace conference; Motorists spend more time in traffic jams

News For 18 June 2024

Despite a high vaccination rate of 94 percent among young children, Switzerland is experiencing an increase in measles cases. So far this year, the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) registered 87 cases of this infectious disease, as compared to 26 in 2023. No deaths were recorded, however. Health authorities believe that most of the cases were brought to Switzerland by unvaccinated people who had been contaminated abroad.


It is not clear at this point whether the conference that Switzerland organised in Bürgenstock last weekend will yield any tangible results in terms of peace in Ukraine. But, there is at least one positive outcome from this summit, which was widely covered in international media: the country’s reputation got a boost. “The peace conference ensured that Switzerland's image as a safe and humanitarian country, with beautiful 5‑star hotels is strengthened further,” this according to Markus Berger, a spokesperson for Switzerland Tourism.


If you feel like the volume of traffic on Swiss motorways is steadily growing – you are right. The fact is that roads in Switzerland are no longer able to absorb the traffic. In 2023 alone, bottlenecks increased by 22 percent, which translated into nearly 50,000 hours spent in traffic jams, according to figures released Monday by the Federal Roads Office (OFROU). This figure constitutes an all-time record, OFROU said.