Capsized Crane Crashes; More Scams Target Elderly; Swiss Snakes Feel Springtime

News For 10 May 2022

Just before lunchtime a 36 tonne crane toppled over and crashed on a road barely missing a family home in the Baselland town of Waldenburg yesterday. The 60 year old crane driver was busy with construction work on the road and had to call for two further cranes to remove the capsized one. There were minor damages to the road but the cause is still unclear.


A few weeks ago, we reported on a scam targeting elderly people living in Basel with the prospect of a large inheritance. This week, police are warning the community that the scammers are still at it.  This time, they are calling, posing as legal advisors or the police and saying that a relative caused a car accident, and that they are liable for thousands of francs.  The scammer offers to quickly resolve the offense if the victim transfers the funds to a bank account they have set up to receive the illicit funds.


It is springtime, even for Swiss snakes such as the barred grass snake. They are waking out of hibernation to begin their mating season. Basel Animal Rescue advises hikers and dog walkers to be on alert for the species. Although the reptiles pose no threat, they should be left alone unless it’s through the lens of a camera. Injured snakes should be left where they are in order to maintain the balance of the food chain. There is also an animal rescue service number if you are unsure about helping an injured snake.