Basel Bees Swarm Mittlere Brücke; Mysterious False Alarm at St. Johann Schools; Cheese-Up Your Knowledge Or Ship-Out; Teen Attacked By Gang

News For 5 June 2018

For the second time in a week, the Basel Fire department was summoned to the Mittlere Brücke on Sunday to disperse a swarming colony of bees.  It seems the bees have taken a shine to one of the alcoves on the northern side of the bridge, where they can get direct sunlight from the southern facing exposure.  The area had to be cordoned off to prevent any danger to passers by or the bees, while the fire department dispersed the insects.


Around midday last Thursday, alarms at the St. Johann primary school resulted in a large swath of police involvement. The exact reason for the alarm is unclear. Police commander Martin Roth thinks the alarms were either deliberately triggered or a technical failure. Students were led class by class to a gathering point in the open air, as 150 people total were evacuated from the building. After a search the students and staff returned to class two hours later, as no one was injured. *********** A British man living in the canton Schwyz since 2011 was recently rejected for his citizenship application after failing to correctly answer questions about Swiss cheese.  Despite his multi-year application process which cost in excess of 3000 Francs, involved a written exam, and his fluency in French and German, the interview in the eyes of the community elders went badly, resulting in the rejection.  In addition to failing to correctly identify the source of Raclette, a cheese from the Valais region of Switzerland, he also did not accurately answer questions about Swiss government. *********** A 15-year old was attacked by an gang of eight ruffians last Friday evening. It happened at the Wasgenring school, which is near Kannenfeld park. The teen was kicked and punched and attempts were made to steal his cell phone.    The assault abruptly ended, as the group fled in an unknown direction. So far, the search for the perpetrators has been unsuccessful.   The police are looking for eight young men, between 17-21 years old, 170-180 centimeters tall and with black skin. They wore black T-shirts and black pants