Attorney Challenges Basel Stadt Religious Ban; UNIBAS Tuition Unchanged; Construction Season Begins...; Wild Car Chase In Stolen Vehicle

News For 3 July 2018

Stefan Suter, a Basel based attorney has taken on the canton in its move to ban all religious symbols during court proceedings.  In June, the courts had passed the ban as a means to enforce independence and neutrality during the negotiations between parties and the public.  According to Suter, no public interest has been served by the ban, and he filed a complaint at the Federal Court in Lausanne, saying the Federal constitution guarantees the freedom of religion which has been abridged by the ban.


Good news for students at the University of Basel: they won't have to pay more for tuition fees. The university has decided not to increase its fees. Competition from further education institutions at home and abroad was cited as one reason for the decision.  The University of Basel has the highest tuition fees in Switzerland. It last increased its fees in 2014. The University Council said on Monday that a renewed increase therefore wouldn't be appropriate. The student body of the University of Basel (skuba) were expressed delight at the decision. An increase in fees would have been a burden on the students.


The official Basel construction season began June 30, although most residents would agree it never really ends around here anymore.  Over 150 large and small construction projects are planned throughout the greater Basel region, so preparation is paramount when planning for travel.  The tram #6 service has been suspended between Allschwil village and Morgartenring, replaced by bus service only.  In addition, many tram and bus stops are being upgraded to accommodate the Disability Act.


After fleeing at high speed in a car through the city of Basel, police arrested two car thiefs on Sunday evening. The vehicle had been reported as stolen. Border guards had discovered the stolen car at 8 pm at Voltaplatz and went to inspect it. Before they could get far, the vehicle drove off in the direction of Dreispitz, violating all traffic rules along the way. The car was found near St. Jakob after a wild chase through Basel. A short time later, police and border guards arrested a 21-year-old Swiss and a 20-year-old Italian man. Nobody was hurt in the chase.