The Upper Strata with album "Hue" and a concert in Basel - October 2023

Layering vocal harmonies, sequencers, thumping bass and spacey guitar, The Upper Strata are Reg and Johnny, a US-Swiss indie-electronic duo. At the heart of this creative duo is songwriting and musical exploration – how they glue it together changes continually. With each album, you get the upper, current layer of the musical strata. Since 2011, The Upper Strata has released 2 EPs and 7 LPs and played over 400 concerts in the US, Canada and Switzerland.

The Upper Strata released their most recent album «Hue» in February 2023 (listen to their interviews on The English Show here). You can buy and stream the album on all the usual platforms, for example on Bandcamp. More links are here.

They have since toured the album through the US and Europe. Their concert in Basel is on Thursday, 19 October 2023, at the Kleiner Wassermann. Listen to the interview below.