SOLA Basel - Jeannine Borer - March 2023

Jeannine Borer, President of the Organising Committee of SOLA Basel, joined us at The English Show. SOLA Basel is now in its 6th year organising a marathon-style running relay across the Basel-Stadt and Baselland region. Teams of 5 or 10 participants run either the 40 or 80 kilometre course, divided into 4 to 12 kilometre stages and ending at the Park Im Grünen, with a big party for the participants. First-timers, amateurs, professionals, corporate teams and even those just looking to try a new sport alike are encouraged to participate. There's even a race for kids at the finishing festival grounds in the Park Im Grünen.


Registration deadline for teams is 23 April 2023, so if you're a fan of running, get your team organised, nominate a captain and don't delay! Over 1000 participants have already signed up, and SOLA is expecting close to 2500 people by the time of the race on June 3, 2023. Listen to the interview with Jeannine Borer below.