Rhytaxi - Gilles Kroeger - November 2020

Gilles Kröger, captain for Rhytaxi Basel, joined us in the the studio to talk about the company, its services and its special relationship with Basel. The company was founded in 2001 with one small boat and now operates four, offering sightseeing-tours, events, transfers, and long-hauls. Rhytaxi is operated mostly by a team of retired commercial shipping captains now sharing their love of life on the water. Gilles especially likes giving tours of the Port of Switzerland (did you know that Switzerland has a port, and that it's in Basel??). Located at Dreiländereck, the harbor is typically full of a variety of freighter vessels of different sizes and points of origin around the world. For those interested in something intimate, Gilles' team offers winter catering events like: on-board raclette, fondue, apéro and even Thanksgiving! (COVID Rules apply - limited capacity per party/boat.) The team is looking forward to the 20th anniversary of the company in 2021 and will be celebrating with special planned events yet to be announced. Stay tuned, and we hope you can join them on the Rhein!