Musician Jeff Hulett - January 2021

Memphis musician Jeff Hulett started playing drums at 16 years old. Around 21 he knew he wanted to be a songwriter and band leader. Today, Jeff plays in several Memphis bands, including Snowglobe and Me & Leah, as well as leading his own band. His music is eclectic, simple, and always a tad surprising. He released two albums (among other things) in 2020. One was "Odds & Ends", a collection of songs pulled together remotely and safely by old friends from across the USA. The other was "Safe @ Home", a collaboration with Jacob Church; it looks at the bright side of the time when many of us had to slow down, look around, an appreciate friends, family, neighbours, and the comforts of home. Anna Wirz talked to Jeff about Memphis, recording during lockdown, and how we can support artists in these tough times.