Gadget Guru - February 2024 Gadgets

In this segment, Ian «The Gadget Guru» Ellery went looking for Virtual Reality Headsets. If Apple Vision Pro headsets costing near CHF 3'500 give you sticker shock, don't fret. Meta (formerly Facebook) headsets (Meta Quest) are available for 300 to 600 Francs at a retailer near you. Of course, if "Vision 1.0" is more your thing, you can simply don a pair of normal glasses!

In other news, Apple released a communique a few weeks ago advising its users to stop using rice-immersion as a technique to "dry out" phones or tablets that have experienced the misfortune of being dropped into a toilet (for example). The Gadget Guru reports that Apple believes its newer devices already have increased levels of water resistance. In addition, if you must "dry out" your device, simply put it in a closed container, with the packets of silica gel you've been saving from other electronic devices you've purchased recently (you have been saving your silica gel packs, right?).

The Gadget Guru also introduced us to the Motorola rollable phone. If you're not satisfied simply folding your phone to make it fit your pocket, this phone will also wrap around your wrist while maintaining its ability to make calls and display all manner of applications.