Flipperclub Basel - October 2017

Alain Müller from the Flipperclub Basel was on the show to talk pinball machines! The Flipperclub has around 55 machines that you can play during the club's open days, every third Friday and Saturday of the month. The games range from electro-mechanical machines to digital, from the 1950s right up to now. A paradise for pinball machine aficionados! The next days open to the public are October 20 and 21; there's an admission fee of CHF 20.- plus a CHF 10.- deposit, which you get back when you leave. Good news: if you want to take the whole family, it's half price for adults and kids on Saturdays between 4 and 8 pm. You can book the Flipperclub for birthday parties or company bashes as well. For more details on the kind of pinball machines they have and which are Alain's and Joel's favorites, listen to the full-length interview below.