Democrats Abroad - Liz Voss and Ben Stewart - May 2022

Liz Voss and Ben Stewart from Democrats Abroad Switzerland (Basel Chapter) joined us in the studio to help us understand their organization and how it can support prospective American voters. Traditionally, mid-term elections (coming up later in 2022) are a harbinger of change to the distribution of power in the United States, and this year is no different - with the political stakes higher than ever. For Americans living abroad, the Democrats Abroad provide registration resources (for those affiliated through residency with any US political party, in any US State, and any district from which citizens can vote), information links to issues-related topics, and information for those looking to volunteer. For those living abroad that think their votes don't matter, consider that the number of Americans voting in the 2020 US Federal elections exceeded the margins of victory in a few of the swing states. Listen to the interview below.