Decoding Our Origins - The Lived Experiences of Colombian Adoptees - May 2017

Abby Forero-Hilty is the co-author and editor of "Decoding Our Origins: The Lived Experiences of Colombian Adoptees". The book is an anthology written by seventeen authors who were born in Colombia and adopted in other countries. Their individual stories illustrate different aspects of the transracial adoption experience: the traumatic loss of their mothers; culture and identities; racism; and severe abuse. These and other topics are addressed frankly and head-on in the book. However, these first-hand accounts also highlight the indomitable tenacity and perseverance embodied by the authors as they negotiate their way through childhood, parenthood, search, reunion, and the nail-biting wait for DNA test results. Abby Forero-Hilty was adopted from Bogotá, Colombia, at the age of two months and grew up in a small suburb of New York City. She now lives in Switzerland and came to the studio to tell us her story. All profits from sales of the book will go toward DNA tests for Colombian adoptees and mothers who are desperately searching for their families. For direct information contact Abby at: