The Brothers Landau and The Next Great American Novelist - Live Music - September 2019

David and Daniel Landau, known as the Brothers Landau, stopped by The English Show at the Radio X studios to talk about their music and their recently concluded tour of Europe. Hailing from Los Angeles, they had in tow a fellow artist with whom they've been sharing the stage: Sean Cahill from Brooklyn, New York, who is currently performing under the stage name The Next Great American Novelist. You can follow their story on the Brothers Landau's Instagram & Sean Cahill's Instagram. Both groups' music can be characterized as Americana/Indie Folk/Singer-Songwriter, and they play concerts regularly in the States. The Brothers Landau play cello & guitar and sing in sibling harmony, and Sean has a full band of great musicians backing him. For a sample of Sean's music as The Next Great American Novelist, listen to the track Blackberry on Spotify. For a sample of the Brothers Landau, listen to their track All We Know on Spotify. If you like what you hear, look out for their new songs and concert announcements on their social media accounts!

Click here for the interview with the Brothers Landau and The Next Great American Novelist.