Birtel Brewery - April 2023

Birtel Brewery started 10+ years ago in Basel, joining the global craft-brewing trend which was underway. Head of marketing and sales for Birtel, Daniel Gosteli, joined us in the studio to tell us about Birtel's Basel roots and future.

At first, Birtel was a hobby brewery, turning out batches of beer 200 litres at a time. In 2020, however, interest had reached the point where the company expanded, raised capital from its community of fans and supporters, and opened the retail outlet and restaurant Fahrbar.

Since then, Birtel has grown to brewing 60'000 litres a year, hired a brewmaster who was once with Brewdog, and is expanding to a new location starting May 2023 at the Hafenkran (with an unparalleled riverfront and skyline view from its terrace bar).

Birtel locations are open to the public, and you can also order your beer supplies directly in bottles and large party formats (kegs) via their website. Look for their special events and seasonal brews to help keep your social calendar well stocked with local Basel entertainment and beer.