Basel Ferries - Support the Ferries and Join their Verein

Event Dates: 
15 February, 2021 - 08:00 - 31 May, 2021 - 23:00

Contrary to popular belief, Basel's ferries are not part of the city's public transport system, nor are they subsidised by the state. A Ferry Association, or "Verein", was created in 1974 in order to maintain ferry service. A voluntary five-member board of directors is responsible for the interests of the association.

The Ferry Association is the financial backbone of the privately organised Basel ferries. Its task is to ensure the preservation of the four Basel ferries for future generations.

A minimum of 4,000 members is absolutely necessary for this, and it is the Verein's ambition to grow far beyond this number. With the annual contributions of the members and thanks to numerous generous donations from local and foreign institutions such as foundations, guilds and companies, the association helps to financially guarantee the ferries' maintenance and possible new acquisitions.

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on this beloved institution. If you'd like to support the ferries and help keep them going, why not become a patron of the Ferry Association - or "Fähri-Verein"?

The big general meeting in spring followed by the Fährimähli (a dinner) is the social highlight of the association's year. As a member, you will also receive the Fähri-Zytig (Ferry Newpaper) twice a year by post.

Annual fees

Private individuals 30.-

Individuals lifelong membership 900.-

Couples 60.-

Families 75.- (child/ren younger than 18 years)

Single-parent families 45.- (child/ren younger than 18 years)

Clubs 100.-

Companies 200.-

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