Studentenfutter at Balz

Event Dates: 
20 April, 2017 - 23:00

Over at Balz on the 20th, which is this Thursday, Studentenfutter is taking place. Thursday night is a student night so people 18 and over can get into the club, as opposed to the usual 20 restriction for girls and 22 for boys. This is provided the people going have a student card to show at the door. I would advise you also bring a regular ID in case your student ID doesn’t have a date of birth on it. The club opens at 11 but I would suggest going between 12am and 1am unless you prefer an empty club. Whilst at the club you will be treated to a Mash up of tunes by DJs Pfund 500 and Finch. I’ve been going to this club every Thursday for quite a while and only last week did I discover the techno room in Balz, now that might just be because I’m special but the techno tunes were on point. If this sounds like your thing, then make sure you head on over to Balz this Thursday.

When: Thu 20.04.17, from 23:00

Where: Balz, Steinenbachgässlein 34, 4051 Basel


- Harrison Wisson